Keep it Clean and be Careful

  • 3 October 2018
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As with most Community forums, there are some basic guidelines and rules that need to be followed in terms of online etiquette. When creating a topic or comment please consider how you would like to be treated and the kind of content you would like to read.

The SlideBy Community team reserves the right, in its sole discretion to:

• Remove any post containing or linking to material on violation of the Terms of Use

• Terminate the use of the Community of any user who violates the Terms of Use

Please do not post personal information within our Community; this would include things such as bank details, names and addresses, etc. Our Community is within the public domain and can be viewed by anyone visiting the Community, so if you are unsure whether the information should be posted in public or not, play it safe - don’t post it!

Our Community members are very helpful and will always do their best to support other members, but please remember: the advice and opinions given are theirs alone and the SlideBy Community Management cannot be responsible any incorrect information given – if the advice doesn’t feel sound to you, do not take it.

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